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In the begining

May of 2011

Elandrial Evenstar Demandorad is the daughter of the Duke of Impilture. Her mother is a high elf from the island of Evermeet. Duke Demandorad met Lothwen and married her within a 2 week period and still worships the ground that she walks on. They were only blessed with one child Elandrial, who is their star and more precious possession. Elandrial showed that she was greatly in tune with nature when she was about 16 and bonded with a young wolf who became her constant companion and playmate. Elandrial named the wolf Sophira and spend many hours training and hunting with her new animal companion. Over time she showed some promise to be able to channel arcane magic as well. Once it became apparent to Elandrial parents that Elandrial could harness both the power of nature and the arcane they wanted to give her the best education possible.

The journey to the school that Duke Demandorad chose for his daughter was far away while he could not accompany his daughter on the journey he decided to hire special guards to protect his daughter while on the trip.

He had a lot of candidates but 2 stood out greatly. One was a small humanoid creature that appeared rather dusty and dirty. He was barefoot and when he walked into the Dukes office, saw a fire and walked inside the fire place to “stoke up” the flames” He came out of the fire place and sat down and introduced himself as Tizeer the fey. He showed remarkable skills as a mage and a fey is always considered lucky to have so the Duke signed him up right away.
Another person who was hired was a man named Justin Lake, he was a known whittler and made a lot of different carvings of animals but he also convinced the Duke that he was skilled in many other things as well. As to what he is skilled in is still a mystery.

Setting off on their journey to the school our adventurers had a weeks worth of uneventful travel. However they about to take a mountain pass when the carriage and wagons were attacked. All of the wagon drivers killed instantly with well shot arrows and soon they were surrounded by a very large group of lizard men. Tizeer fought bravely shooting off a firey ball of doom defeating 2 of them. Justin Lake climbed to the top of the carriage and shot off a few arrows before he was tackled to the ground. Our small hero Tizeer had a net thrown on him but he quickly started setting fire to it while controlling his firey ball of doom and sending it to yet another lizard man. Eventually he was tackled to the ground and knocked unconscious. The Lady Elandrial transformed herself into a wolf and tried to attack her foes with Sophira but both were eventually netted and caged.

Elandrial was separated from her wolf companion and beaten severely. Never in all her life was she ever treated so harshly. Her lips were cracked and bleeding and her dress torn and ragged. She had no idea if her beautiful wolf was alive or dead and she had no idea where her heroic ally Tizeer was at or if he survived the battle. She saw firsthand that Justin was hit over the head and tied up and so she assumed he was somewhere probably receiving the same treatment.

Her captors finally left her in a cell lying on the ground crying and unable to move after the beating she received. She laid there for hours or perhaps a day, there were no windows to tell the time. She noticed that there were people passing her cell. They were dressed in very worn clothing that looked patched, and while dirty, didn’t look as horrible as the state her current dress was in. A man escorted by 2 guards came to her cell and unlocked it. He explained to Elandrial that she had 2 choices. She could behave herself and be allowed better food rations, padding so she doesn’t have to sleep on the hard floor and possibly a blanket. She would be allowed out to practice and train in her skills as a fighter and would be allowed to see her animal companion. Misbehavior and she would not be allowed to leave her cell, she would not be allowed to eat for that day and she would not even be allowed to wear the rags that she was currently in possession of.

The next day Elandrial gathered a few small stones and cast a spell on them so they would explode when thrown. Smashing 2 inside the lock of her cell door she destroyed the key lock and ran out of her cell. The guards that were nearby were caught by surprise as our hero Elandrial stepped out and threw 2 stones at each of them. As she knocked one unconscious she tried to grab the dagger on his belt loop as more guards came into the room and attacked her. Throwing her into a new cell she was stripped naked and beaten more severely and given no food or water for that day. She cast a “create water spell. A few times and was able to drink the water that had spilled into her hands and onto the floor. She cleaned her wounds that she could see and tried her best to wash off her face. Many more beatings and days passed and Elandrial decided that she could take no more of it. She was only barely surviving due to her water spell and was lucky to catch one rat that happened to appear in her cell in 5 days. She was weak and slowly starving to death. The first day she got gruel was like having a feast and that was also the first time they allowed Tizeer to visit her.
Tizeer was a loyal guardian who was true to his word to serve the Lady Elandrial faithfully til she reached her destination to school. “Hey Lady, if you can play nice for a few more days they will let you walk around a bit and we can talk more” Tizeer whispers. So she nods her head and decides to plan breaking out later if she can find a safer route that will allow her to bring her wolf and friends to freedom with her.

2 days later however she was taken from her cell and brought to a room full of weapons and armor in dire need of repair. Her wolf was also thrown in there along with Justin Lake Tizeer and a few other random people. The guard told them to gear up and prepare for battle.
The first battle was bloody and Elandrial barely made it through due to her weakened condition from her daily beatings but they made it. A few men died but at least she was able to see Sophira again. The wolf was in bad shape. Obviously she was not being fed properly and her coat was caked with dry blood in several places. She looked thin and miserable. Elandrial begged every day to spare her wolf while she was in her cell. She was meek and obedient and the guards decided to allow her to visit her animal companion every day.

With the reward of being allowed to see Sophira every day, Elandrial played her cards even more by pretending that her spirit was broken. Justin and Tizeer introduced her to an older man by the name of Zytzen, who has been a prisoner in the gladiator games for 3 years. He looked worn and beaten but his eyes were sharp and determined. One look at the determination on Elandrial’s face the old man said “ you are not fooling me girlie, I know a broken spirit when I see one and you are not it.I have a plan to get out of here if you are interested.” Elandrial of course jumped at the chance and learned about the tunnel that the man was trying to dig out. With some new freedoms that they have been given for doing well in the games Elandrial made simple requests like a small table and chess board and went and visited with the man at every opportunity. She also smuggled a dagger into her skirts after one of the gladiator matches to use as a tool. They eventually tunneled down deep enough to discover a river underneath where they were imprisoned. Justin Lake said he wanted nothing to do with the escape plan. That they were surviving the games fairly well and that the river was too dangerous but Elandrial wanted nothing to do with being treated worse than a cage animal.

Tizeer and Elandrial were discussing how they would crafting something to stay afloat when the unthinkable happened. The man who was helping them escape was badly wounded in battle. Zytzen was allowed to go to his cell but the odds of him living through the night was not very likely and Elandrial didn’t have the components needed to perform a healing spell. It was now or never. Once the man died his body would be taken away and most likely the hole in his cell would be discovered. Elandrial told Tizeer she was going to “go for it” and jumped down into the hole. Tizeer followed route “Hey lady wait up” Sophira was also with Elandrial as she had gained the ability to keep her wolf with her during the days now. Jumping into the river they were nearly downed but eventually washed up outside of a cave, unconscious and having no idea where they were.



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