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Some down time and Fun

June 22 2011 – May 27 2012

With the reputation that our absolutely amazing heroes have made for themselves, Tizeer and Elandrial decided that they should definitely make an appearance to Lord Balamore’s ball. Elandrial also decided that Tizeer definitely needed a new outfit since he has and nothing that isn’t slightly burned.

((basically to make a really long story short. Justin Lake catches up with Elandrial and Tizeer and tells them he escaped from the gladiator pits. He is also accompanied with a Rogue. Elandrial doesn’t trust that he just happened to seek them out after he escaped and decides to be watchful of them. All of them attend the ball to Barron Balamore’s estate and have an interesting time. Elandrial and Tizeer recognize a few faces at the ball. People they saw during the gladiator pits and saw them in the “VIP” box seats for the matches. However no one gets a chance to possibly confront them.

Khronos Balamore himself comes late to his own party. He is about 36-38 years of age and has made his fortune through many different types of trade, being a very successful merchant. He is described as having Dark black hair with a dab of grey here and there but very distinguished looking. He does not appear to be older than his late 20’s to early 30’s having aged well. He dances with Elandrial and later chats with Tizeer. He invites all of them to stay at his Estate as his guest where they would not find finer accommodations anywhere. He also tells Lady Elandrial that he will personally see to it that a messenger is sent off just as soon as she can write a letter to her family, letting them know she is staying with him and is safe and sound.

Elandrial and Tizeer load up all of their stuff and move onto the Estates. He also allows Justin Lake and his Rogue friend join him as well. Elandrial’s parents arrive about 3 weeks later to come and find her and are so very pleased to see her alive and well. Her mother and father thanked Khronos for keeping her safe and giving her such wonderful treatment as she stayed here with him. Tizeer was given a metal from Barron Demandorad and 150g for being there with his daughter the entire time. He also earned 2 points of reputation in Impilture. Elandrial’s parents also made note that the Barron Balamore would be a great addition to their family tree and her mother let Elandrial know that it was part of being a lady of noble birth to find herself a suitable husband before long. thanks mom

Elandrial is not a person who likes to chase men and there were plenty of annoying girls, 3 especially, that were constantly at the Estates trying to seek favor with Lord Balamore. So the plot can thicken and that is a side quest for Elandrial herself if she dares to take the challenge.

Lord Balamore asks if Tizeer, Justin Lake, Elandrial and some mercenaries would be interested in a quest. He has a castle that was overrun a generation ago by orcs and he would like to reclaim his homeland. He promises them that they would be paid to do a recon of the area to get an idea of what they were going to be up against. Elandrial agrees so that she can get away from her mother trying to play match maker and hopefully they will have left for home by the time she returned. While traveling they meet a really stupid over powered character that was retarded and I just quit taking notes and vowed that I was done with this campaign after he exploited a few things and somehow got rewarded a RETARDED amount of experience and stole some of the loot for himself.))

jumps ahead

The really annoying toon decided to flee because he was caught stealing from the campaign and everyone wanted to murder him. Justin Lake decides that he is actually free of the gladiator pit but also has no desire to continue on this adventure and goes his own way on a happy note.

Elandrial and Tizeer make a KILLING selling the kegs of brandy that they found under the 7 Bells Inn that was haunted by Mary Kell. They even had Justin Lake carve out 100 commemorative bottles that these were the first batch of the very fine tasting brandy that came out of the haunted Inn. Justin also used his special abilities to get houses that have had grudges against each other to try and out bid the other house. It was a LOT of roll play and definitely one of the more enjoyable nights.

Elandrial’s Parents left and now Tizeer and Elandrial are awaiting another opportunity to go and try to reclaim the land of Khronos Balamore.



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