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The Ghost of Mary Kell

June 6th 2011

Our Grand Heroes decided that they would rest for the night before going to the “7 Bells Inn” to confront the Ghost of Mary Kell. They were in dire need of a bath and Elandrial chose to have the dress she was wearing burned since it was so full of raw sewage.

Getting up shortly before lunch the next day our heroes set out to do a few things since they had to wait until night fall before attempting to find the Ghost of Mary Kell. Deciding that it would be easier to travel without the wagon and the supplies that were so graciously given them by the Rosehart family and his majesty King Redbeard, they sell off any of the supplies that they didn’t need for their boat trip. Tizeer also decided to go and check out the board by the docks to see if anyone had responded to the notice they had put up the day before for a ship to take them to Cormyr. Little did this little Fey expect such a welcome. Usually he gets odd looks from strangers and people from towns but everwhere he went people were cheering! They knew his name! They LOVED HIM! And what on earth is not to love with this Fey. He has an awesome personality and he loves fire!

Elandrial experienced something similar as she went about getting a replacement for the dress she burned the night before. Apparently this killer has been harassing the docks for decades and the city guards have been shouting their praises to everyone that these 2 heroes have released them from their prison of fear. Elandrial and Tizeer earn 4 reputation points in Saerloon

Once twilight started to fall upon the city, Elandrial and Tizeer made their way to the 7 Bells Inn. Steve met was to them at the entrance however they decided to enter and take a look around and fill Steve in later. The area felt less eerie since the presents of the Ripper was gone. Yet soon they started to hear the sounds of a woman crying. Apparently the death of the Ripper has not left the spirit of Mary Kell at peace.

Our heroic heroes enter the house and slowly explore the area. The 7 Bells Inn was very worn down and the main room was extremely dusty.There was only one table and a few chairs and they had become rotten and were on the verge of collapsing. Going up the stairs there were several rooms. Opening one of the doors, our heroes find themselves in a room that looks to be decorated for a newlywed couple. On the bed lay the body of a corpse but she appeared to have been dug up awhile ago and dressed in a wedding gown. On the pillow was a silver ring and the ghost of Mary Kell was weeping uncontrollably pointing to the ring on that pillow.

Elandrial carefully goes over to the bed but when she attempts to reach for the ring the spirit of Mary Kell stops crying and starts to snarl at our graceful heroin just as she was about to touch the ring. Realizing that this spirit might become violent if she touched the ring, Elandrial and Tizeer look around the room instead. They find a desk and upon searching it, find two books. One was titled “From Potters field” and the other appeared to be a journal by a man named Henry Crofter. The book “from Potters field” was a long list of people with descriptions of everyone who is buried in a little potter’s field not far from the inn. Some of the bodies that were not identified were given detailed descriptions of what they were wearing when buried, the color of hair, eyes and then the plot number of where they reside. One name in particular was circled in red. Mary Kell. The date of her death was just over 50 years ago.

The journal contained information about a young man who was deeply in love with a young woman by the name of Marry Kell. He told of the story of how he grew up with Mary and that he loved her for most of his life. Her life was one of tragedy and sadness. Her parents died of sickness as well as her young brother. She had to make ends meat the only way she could, which was to sell the only item she had, herself. She loved Henry as well but his family had forbidden him to have anything to do with her after her family died. Feeling that she was inappropriate and soiled by her way of surviving and unfit to marry their son. Henry had been secretly stashing away money for himself and Mary. They were saving enough money to run away together to be married when the Ripper stole her life.

Henry’s journals become dark and eerie. He felt he could still be bound to the love of his life forever somehow in spirit and wanted to be sure that if he couldn’t have her in this life, they could be together somehow in the next. Using the money he would have used for their honeymoon and travel expenses, he got ingredients together to try and perform a sort of “binding” ritual to seal both of them together in death. He dug up her body, and carefully placed her in the bed. Putting the ring on the pillow next to her, and placing a ring on his finger. At the end of the ritual the spirit of Mary Kell appeared in the room. Henry was so happy to see her but she was weeping and crying. He wasn’t finished with the ritual however. It needed a sacrifice and he planned to be it. Killing himself then and there hoping that there souls would be bound together in the afterlife. Guards were notified after the inn keeper heard wailing and screaming. The spirit of Mary Kell would not allow them to touch her body or her ring but they were able to remove Henry. His family buried him at the east cemetery near where the rest of his family rest but the Inn was closed down and no one had dared to enter it again.

Tizeer and Elandrial look at the tormented spirit of Mary Kell and decide to leave the room. Perhaps Steve Esquire could help her in ways that they could not.

Searching around they head up to the attic of the Inn and find a man terribly wounded and there next to him was the body of a young woman. The spirit of Mary Kell was weeping over her body. The man said his name was Ewan and that a monster killed her about 2 days ago and left him tied up here and told him he would be back for him. He was on the verge of insanity especially with the spirit of Mary Kell constantly coming to visit the corpse of the young woman and weep over her.

Our brave heroes are sad at heart for the awful tales they had uncovered. Freeing the man they decide to take him outside and wait for Steve. This way he could heal the man and they could tell him all they uncovered about the spirit that haunts the 7 Bells Inn.

After talking with Steve, our heroes help the man Ewan get to the Lathander temple for rest and healing and Steve and our heroes gather everything that they need to reverse the poorly done binding ritual to Mary Kell. They go back to the inn and Steve performs the ritual. Just as he finishes the Spirit of Mary Kell vanishes with a smile. Steve picks up the ring and places it on the finger of the body of Mary Kell. Tizeer and Elandrial offer some gold to have her placed in the cemetery next to Henry Crofter.

Returning to their inn, a note awaits them with the inn keeper. She smiles and says “Well it looks like you have really made a name for yourselves, you have been invited to Barron Balamore’s Estates”.

Elandrial and Tizeer earned 2 more points for the Ghost of Mary Kell for the city of Sarloon



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