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The Ripper

May 30th
After dinner Elandrial and Tizeer decide to take a look at this old inn for themselves to see if the stories were true about the place being haunted. However as they were close to the old inn they heard a scream behind one of the buildings in the ally way and found the body of a man lying on the ground.

Searching around they spot eyes looking down at them from one of the windows above the man’s body. Upon closer examination you see that there is blood dripping from the window sill and discover that they are the actual eyes of the man that was just murdered along with his tongue. (GROSS!) Before they could leave to find help a man from the guards garrison shows up and sees the body of the man on the ground. He starts to cry out in rage and our heroes realize,with great horror that the man who is dead is actually wearing the same uniform as the man who just arrived. It took some time but our heroes finally convinced the guard that they actually just happened upon the body themselves and were truly sorry that he had lost his friend. The guard introduces himself as Rylloza and that his friends name was Halbrand, He then explains to our two fine heroes that there has been a series of murders happening of late, much like what happened to the dock area 50 years ago when the Ripper was on the loose. However, now it seems that this murderer is no longer targeting only female prostitutes but anyone who might be out too late at night.

Our brave and daring heroes decide to see if they can still find some evidence around the area of the crime sceen before any clues disappear. Since it was late out there might be a chance to track down this killer before the scent was lost. Sophira is lead back to the body and commanded to start tracking any sents nearby She quickly finds one which then leads to a sewer grate nearby.

Tizeer, brave and mighty decided that he wished to chase down the brute who killed that guard now before the man disappeared and tore the sewer grate off and started climbing down the ladder. Fashioning a harness for Sophira, Elandrial starts to lower the wolf into the sewers but slips and loses her grip on the rope. The wolf lands fortunately on top of the little fey, completely covering him with her massive body. Underneath you hear “don’t worry lady I caught her” muffled under the wolf. Sophira quickly gets up and moves towards the water in the sewers and starts sniffing around again to pick up the trail. While Elandrial is climbing down the ladder a great tentacle arm comes out of the water and grapples the wolf.

Elandrial jumps down the last 12 feet in a panic to rescue her wolf. Tizeer however already casted a large FIREY BALL OF DOOM! And hurls it at the large tentacle that has the wolf grappled. 3 more huge arms come out of the water. Tizeer‘s FIREY BALL OF DOOM! cuts down the tentacle that held onto Sophira and quickly sends it to the next one while at the same time he throws balls of fire at another. Elandrial produces flames of her own and hurls them at the giant Octopus head that emerged from the water.

After some awesome tactic’s on the amazing Tizeer’s part, Elandrial and Tizeer decide to pick up the trail again after checking to make sure that Sophira wasn’t seriously injured through the struggle. About 200 feet from the sewer grate entrance they discover a secret door. Using a spell to open the door, Tizeer and Elandrial surprise 3 thugs inside. Beating two of them down to unconsciousness, the third one was badly wounded and scared out of his mind. Elandrial, absolutely disgusted at this point because she is filthy once again and in a sewer with her skirts soaked and disgusting with raw sewage on her dress said, “TELL ME NOW who you work for or I will feed you to my wolf” She flashed a dagger out from her belt and started to inch closer to the man in the same motions as her wolf was also slowly approaching him. “Alright alright! Please don’t kill me and don’t feed me to your dog! I work for the Back Ally Claw! It’s him ya want not me!”

Restraining the thugs Our mighty heroes Tizeer and Elandrial finish exploring the rest of the rooms in this secret door. Finding one room with lots of kegs, some were broken but there were a few that seemed to be full of what appeared to be brandy. They would come back for this later.

Soon they realized that they must be under the inn of the 7 bells. Above them they could hear what appeared to be a woman crying and wailing. Much like what was described earlier to them of the ghost of Mary Kell.

Our amazing heroes however did come across a room of red mist. It seemed like a mist of blood floating around the room. Tizeer with his amazing magical insight saw that it was stemming from a device in the center of the room. Once he deactivated it the mist started to disappear and our heroes found themselves in the lair of the ripper himself. He was dressed in what appeared to be a black robe but it was actually soaked in the blood of his victims. It was blood staining and drying and retaining his robes til they were black with the evil he did to all of the innocent people of this city. He had carved a star into his forehead and it appeared that his own flesh was starting to peel off his face.

Sophira jumped in and attacked the Ripper, tripping him to the ground. Each and every single time he tried to stand, Sohpira would drag him back down again. Tizeer let go of another FIREY BALL OF DOOM! Setting the ripper ablaze in pain and agony. The Ripper didn’t stand a chance with 2 people who had spent the past 4 months using their skills in battle to survive and quickly dispatched him.

Searching the lair for clues and loot it appears that this thing that they had slain was in fact the same person who committed all of the murders 50 years prior. He seems to have lived down here for decades and the sacrifices he has made must be the means that have kept him alive. Our heroes at this point are absolutely sick to their stomachs with the amount of carnage they find in this awful room and decide that the best route would be to have a priest come down and sanctify it.

A priest from Lathander comes down to help with sanctifying this horrific evil place. He introduces himself to the Lady Elandrial and Tizeer as Steve Esquire and greets them with fervent respect for smiting the evil that was here. He also tells them that if they ever had need of him to call on him and he would gladly come to their aid. Elandrial finds that to be a great idea since she would like to put the ghost of Mary Kell at peace and help her spirit move on. They tell the city guards that they lay claim the barrels of brandy and to please bring it up and to their apartments at the inn where they reside.

Steve Esquire is now the cohort of Elandrial



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