Home Away From Home


May 22 2011

While trying to figure out where they were, they came across the body of dwarf. The Heroic Elandrial uses her quick thinking and stabilizes the dwarf saving his life. They also find the dwarfs mule and some food, in which Tizeer excitedly makes a fire so they could warm themselves and so he could charcoal his food. When the dwarf comes to he tells the all mighty Tizeer that there is a shine of Chauntae a day or two’s journey north where all of us could possibly find some aid. The brave little Fey says “ hey no worries little guy, I’ll get ya there”

Once reaching the shrine the dwarf gave them 20 gold for their help and services and Tizeer and Elandrial, our mighty heroes, set off for the city of Wheloon. It was the closest place where they might be able to find aid. Elandrial at this point feels absolutely discusting, as she eyeballs her torn and ragged clothes, then looks at Tizeer and realizes that her clothes looks like what Tizeer might wear on a good day. Though she isn’t covered with soot and ashes from head to toe like her small friend she feels in desperate need of a new outfit and splits the gold with Tizeer so she could grab some food and clothing.

Finally choosing a higher end dress shop Elandrial walks in with an air of owning the place. “Ah now this, at least I know how to do!” Elandrial thinks to herself. Ordering a seamstress to measure her and fit her for a dress choosing 3 simple fabrics created quite a stir. The shop owner who was currently working with a young woman demands that she leaves at once! Elandrial raises her eyebrows ( and with a fantastic roll of diplomacy I might add) says “ Do you even know who I am?! I am the Lady Elandrial Evenstar Demandorad and I have been a prisoner for the past few months at a barbaric underground gladiator arena! I am wearing completely inappropriate ragged attire and I demand to be fitted at once!”

The noble girl in the store at this point could not keep her curiosity at bay and told the store clerk to not bother with the materials that Elandrial picked out, but instead told him to use a more expensive cloth and to put it on her bill. She then proceeded to chatter with Lady Elandrial and they quickly became close friends. The girl’s name was Crystal Rosehart, daughter of Lord and Lady Rosehart and they were prosperous Ivory traders as well as rare goods they imported and exported to other lands.

Tizeer decided to get some food and went to the local tavern. Obviously having such a creature as he, made quite a sensation. What brought an even greater sensation about was when he then proceeded to walk INTO the fire place and stoke up the flames. Sat down and grabbed a piece of wood from the fire and proceeded to eat it. The local bard who was there asked who he was and were he came from. Tizeer responded “Oh I am a fey and just escaped from a place where they force people to fight in gladiator arenas.” “This wood is really good!” The bard being floored wanted to of course here all about it and offered to buy Tizeer some drinks. He then asked if he could follow Tizeer and be introduced to the Lady Elandrial as he wished to write a song that could make him famous. So the Ballad of Tizeer the fearless and Elandrial the brave was born! The bard worked for 2 days straight and the song was finished. Within a week everyone was singing tales of the brave little fey and the fair beauty Elandrial.

Tizeer also wanted to find a local war mage to see if he could possibly learn something new with his abilities and found an potion maker that fit the build. Tizeer knocked and the man angrily said “What do you want” as he flung open the door. To his surprised amazement a Fey was at his door! Tizeer, being his usual charming self said “ Hey up there, mind if I come in?” The old man eagerly let in Tizeer because he had always felt Feys were extremely lucky creatures and excitedly asked him to come inside. The two became fast friends and Tizeer made a new friend by the name Nisnran.

Nisnran was more than happy to give some guidance to Tizeer about war mage spells and also told him that if he needed anything at all in the way of potions that he and his Lady friend would be able to purchase them from him at slightly above cost.

They stayed at the Lord and Lady Rosehart Estates while trying to organize a way for Elandrial to make it back to her family. While they were there, they received an invitation to a ball that happens every year in Wheloon. The Roseharts were kind and purchased a new dress for the Lady Elandrial and a fine suit for Tizeer. Tizeer didn’t keep his suit fine for very long however. He kept walking around at the ball stoking up fires and burning his coat tails.

Our two heroes were having a grand and noble time when all at once they hear the epic tale of the Mighty and brave Tizeer and the Beautiful and enchanting Elandrial. The king Sarp Redbeard enjoyed the tale so much and ask the bard how such a delightful tale came about. Upon hearing that the song was produced so recently and that they two brave heroes were actually at HIS PARTY he demanded to see them at once. He laughed heartily at Tizeer’s burned coat tails and told the Lady Elandrial that the song did not do her justice to her beauty. He listened to the chilling tale of how they were forced to compete in fighting pits and cheered their heroic escapes. He vowed that he would send out parties to search for the cave they described that had a river flowing out of it since that must be near where they were held prisoner.

(Gained 5 Reputation points in Wheloon)

Our heroes enjoyed themselves greatly in Wheloon but alas they could not stay. No, they had to journey towards Elandrial’s home and get her back to her parents who must be so worried about their daughter at this point. The King gave them a wagon and donated 2 kegs of wine and food for the trip towards Saerloon. They hoped that once they reached Saerloon our grand heroes would be able to catch a boat back to Cormyr which they could then travel and take the roads towards Impiltur.

Once they reached the docks they talked with the dock master and explained that they needed to find a ship to travel to Cormyr and asked what would be the best way in contacting the captains of the ships. The dock master suggested leaving a notice on the boards outside his door and that there should be news of a ship within a few weeks. He recommended an inn they could stay at and also suggested that they leave the name there as a place to contact them. The Dock master also said to not travel the city at night because there were strange things a happening and people were disappearing.

After settling in their rooms they head down to the main dining area of the in and order some meals and drinks. While there the local bard starts to sing the tale of “bloody Mary Kell”. A brutal tale of a prostitute who was the first of a long line of murders by a person called “The Ripper” and that the ghost of Mary Kell still haunts the 7 Bells inn and kills any who disturb her unrest. Some say that if you go there at night you can still hear her spirit crying and waling.

The chilling tale was intriguing to Elandrial and she inquired about it to the waitress when she came again to refill her drinks asking if it was true. The serving girl nodded her head and said “ Oh yes ma’am it sure is. My brother says that if you are near the old inn at twilight he says he saw a man in black robes walking around the old place. Never saws his face he did but swears he saw that man there” “I would have washed his mouth out with soap for lies had I not heard that before from strangers just passing through this place”

Justin Lake was released from the gladiator pits in exchange that he brings back Tizeer and Elandrial***



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