Home Away From Home

Some down time and Fun

June 22 2011 – May 27 2012

With the reputation that our absolutely amazing heroes have made for themselves, Tizeer and Elandrial decided that they should definitely make an appearance to Lord Balamore’s ball. Elandrial also decided that Tizeer definitely needed a new outfit since he has and nothing that isn’t slightly burned.

((basically to make a really long story short. Justin Lake catches up with Elandrial and Tizeer and tells them he escaped from the gladiator pits. He is also accompanied with a Rogue. Elandrial doesn’t trust that he just happened to seek them out after he escaped and decides to be watchful of them. All of them attend the ball to Barron Balamore’s estate and have an interesting time. Elandrial and Tizeer recognize a few faces at the ball. People they saw during the gladiator pits and saw them in the “VIP” box seats for the matches. However no one gets a chance to possibly confront them.

Khronos Balamore himself comes late to his own party. He is about 36-38 years of age and has made his fortune through many different types of trade, being a very successful merchant. He is described as having Dark black hair with a dab of grey here and there but very distinguished looking. He does not appear to be older than his late 20’s to early 30’s having aged well. He dances with Elandrial and later chats with Tizeer. He invites all of them to stay at his Estate as his guest where they would not find finer accommodations anywhere. He also tells Lady Elandrial that he will personally see to it that a messenger is sent off just as soon as she can write a letter to her family, letting them know she is staying with him and is safe and sound.

Elandrial and Tizeer load up all of their stuff and move onto the Estates. He also allows Justin Lake and his Rogue friend join him as well. Elandrial’s parents arrive about 3 weeks later to come and find her and are so very pleased to see her alive and well. Her mother and father thanked Khronos for keeping her safe and giving her such wonderful treatment as she stayed here with him. Tizeer was given a metal from Barron Demandorad and 150g for being there with his daughter the entire time. He also earned 2 points of reputation in Impilture. Elandrial’s parents also made note that the Barron Balamore would be a great addition to their family tree and her mother let Elandrial know that it was part of being a lady of noble birth to find herself a suitable husband before long. thanks mom

Elandrial is not a person who likes to chase men and there were plenty of annoying girls, 3 especially, that were constantly at the Estates trying to seek favor with Lord Balamore. So the plot can thicken and that is a side quest for Elandrial herself if she dares to take the challenge.

Lord Balamore asks if Tizeer, Justin Lake, Elandrial and some mercenaries would be interested in a quest. He has a castle that was overrun a generation ago by orcs and he would like to reclaim his homeland. He promises them that they would be paid to do a recon of the area to get an idea of what they were going to be up against. Elandrial agrees so that she can get away from her mother trying to play match maker and hopefully they will have left for home by the time she returned. While traveling they meet a really stupid over powered character that was retarded and I just quit taking notes and vowed that I was done with this campaign after he exploited a few things and somehow got rewarded a RETARDED amount of experience and stole some of the loot for himself.))

jumps ahead

The really annoying toon decided to flee because he was caught stealing from the campaign and everyone wanted to murder him. Justin Lake decides that he is actually free of the gladiator pit but also has no desire to continue on this adventure and goes his own way on a happy note.

Elandrial and Tizeer make a KILLING selling the kegs of brandy that they found under the 7 Bells Inn that was haunted by Mary Kell. They even had Justin Lake carve out 100 commemorative bottles that these were the first batch of the very fine tasting brandy that came out of the haunted Inn. Justin also used his special abilities to get houses that have had grudges against each other to try and out bid the other house. It was a LOT of roll play and definitely one of the more enjoyable nights.

Elandrial’s Parents left and now Tizeer and Elandrial are awaiting another opportunity to go and try to reclaim the land of Khronos Balamore.

The Ghost of Mary Kell

June 6th 2011

Our Grand Heroes decided that they would rest for the night before going to the “7 Bells Inn” to confront the Ghost of Mary Kell. They were in dire need of a bath and Elandrial chose to have the dress she was wearing burned since it was so full of raw sewage.

Getting up shortly before lunch the next day our heroes set out to do a few things since they had to wait until night fall before attempting to find the Ghost of Mary Kell. Deciding that it would be easier to travel without the wagon and the supplies that were so graciously given them by the Rosehart family and his majesty King Redbeard, they sell off any of the supplies that they didn’t need for their boat trip. Tizeer also decided to go and check out the board by the docks to see if anyone had responded to the notice they had put up the day before for a ship to take them to Cormyr. Little did this little Fey expect such a welcome. Usually he gets odd looks from strangers and people from towns but everwhere he went people were cheering! They knew his name! They LOVED HIM! And what on earth is not to love with this Fey. He has an awesome personality and he loves fire!

Elandrial experienced something similar as she went about getting a replacement for the dress she burned the night before. Apparently this killer has been harassing the docks for decades and the city guards have been shouting their praises to everyone that these 2 heroes have released them from their prison of fear. Elandrial and Tizeer earn 4 reputation points in Saerloon

Once twilight started to fall upon the city, Elandrial and Tizeer made their way to the 7 Bells Inn. Steve met was to them at the entrance however they decided to enter and take a look around and fill Steve in later. The area felt less eerie since the presents of the Ripper was gone. Yet soon they started to hear the sounds of a woman crying. Apparently the death of the Ripper has not left the spirit of Mary Kell at peace.

Our heroic heroes enter the house and slowly explore the area. The 7 Bells Inn was very worn down and the main room was extremely dusty.There was only one table and a few chairs and they had become rotten and were on the verge of collapsing. Going up the stairs there were several rooms. Opening one of the doors, our heroes find themselves in a room that looks to be decorated for a newlywed couple. On the bed lay the body of a corpse but she appeared to have been dug up awhile ago and dressed in a wedding gown. On the pillow was a silver ring and the ghost of Mary Kell was weeping uncontrollably pointing to the ring on that pillow.

Elandrial carefully goes over to the bed but when she attempts to reach for the ring the spirit of Mary Kell stops crying and starts to snarl at our graceful heroin just as she was about to touch the ring. Realizing that this spirit might become violent if she touched the ring, Elandrial and Tizeer look around the room instead. They find a desk and upon searching it, find two books. One was titled “From Potters field” and the other appeared to be a journal by a man named Henry Crofter. The book “from Potters field” was a long list of people with descriptions of everyone who is buried in a little potter’s field not far from the inn. Some of the bodies that were not identified were given detailed descriptions of what they were wearing when buried, the color of hair, eyes and then the plot number of where they reside. One name in particular was circled in red. Mary Kell. The date of her death was just over 50 years ago.

The journal contained information about a young man who was deeply in love with a young woman by the name of Marry Kell. He told of the story of how he grew up with Mary and that he loved her for most of his life. Her life was one of tragedy and sadness. Her parents died of sickness as well as her young brother. She had to make ends meat the only way she could, which was to sell the only item she had, herself. She loved Henry as well but his family had forbidden him to have anything to do with her after her family died. Feeling that she was inappropriate and soiled by her way of surviving and unfit to marry their son. Henry had been secretly stashing away money for himself and Mary. They were saving enough money to run away together to be married when the Ripper stole her life.

Henry’s journals become dark and eerie. He felt he could still be bound to the love of his life forever somehow in spirit and wanted to be sure that if he couldn’t have her in this life, they could be together somehow in the next. Using the money he would have used for their honeymoon and travel expenses, he got ingredients together to try and perform a sort of “binding” ritual to seal both of them together in death. He dug up her body, and carefully placed her in the bed. Putting the ring on the pillow next to her, and placing a ring on his finger. At the end of the ritual the spirit of Mary Kell appeared in the room. Henry was so happy to see her but she was weeping and crying. He wasn’t finished with the ritual however. It needed a sacrifice and he planned to be it. Killing himself then and there hoping that there souls would be bound together in the afterlife. Guards were notified after the inn keeper heard wailing and screaming. The spirit of Mary Kell would not allow them to touch her body or her ring but they were able to remove Henry. His family buried him at the east cemetery near where the rest of his family rest but the Inn was closed down and no one had dared to enter it again.

Tizeer and Elandrial look at the tormented spirit of Mary Kell and decide to leave the room. Perhaps Steve Esquire could help her in ways that they could not.

Searching around they head up to the attic of the Inn and find a man terribly wounded and there next to him was the body of a young woman. The spirit of Mary Kell was weeping over her body. The man said his name was Ewan and that a monster killed her about 2 days ago and left him tied up here and told him he would be back for him. He was on the verge of insanity especially with the spirit of Mary Kell constantly coming to visit the corpse of the young woman and weep over her.

Our brave heroes are sad at heart for the awful tales they had uncovered. Freeing the man they decide to take him outside and wait for Steve. This way he could heal the man and they could tell him all they uncovered about the spirit that haunts the 7 Bells Inn.

After talking with Steve, our heroes help the man Ewan get to the Lathander temple for rest and healing and Steve and our heroes gather everything that they need to reverse the poorly done binding ritual to Mary Kell. They go back to the inn and Steve performs the ritual. Just as he finishes the Spirit of Mary Kell vanishes with a smile. Steve picks up the ring and places it on the finger of the body of Mary Kell. Tizeer and Elandrial offer some gold to have her placed in the cemetery next to Henry Crofter.

Returning to their inn, a note awaits them with the inn keeper. She smiles and says “Well it looks like you have really made a name for yourselves, you have been invited to Barron Balamore’s Estates”.

Elandrial and Tizeer earned 2 more points for the Ghost of Mary Kell for the city of Sarloon

The Ripper

May 30th
After dinner Elandrial and Tizeer decide to take a look at this old inn for themselves to see if the stories were true about the place being haunted. However as they were close to the old inn they heard a scream behind one of the buildings in the ally way and found the body of a man lying on the ground.

Searching around they spot eyes looking down at them from one of the windows above the man’s body. Upon closer examination you see that there is blood dripping from the window sill and discover that they are the actual eyes of the man that was just murdered along with his tongue. (GROSS!) Before they could leave to find help a man from the guards garrison shows up and sees the body of the man on the ground. He starts to cry out in rage and our heroes realize,with great horror that the man who is dead is actually wearing the same uniform as the man who just arrived. It took some time but our heroes finally convinced the guard that they actually just happened upon the body themselves and were truly sorry that he had lost his friend. The guard introduces himself as Rylloza and that his friends name was Halbrand, He then explains to our two fine heroes that there has been a series of murders happening of late, much like what happened to the dock area 50 years ago when the Ripper was on the loose. However, now it seems that this murderer is no longer targeting only female prostitutes but anyone who might be out too late at night.

Our brave and daring heroes decide to see if they can still find some evidence around the area of the crime sceen before any clues disappear. Since it was late out there might be a chance to track down this killer before the scent was lost. Sophira is lead back to the body and commanded to start tracking any sents nearby She quickly finds one which then leads to a sewer grate nearby.

Tizeer, brave and mighty decided that he wished to chase down the brute who killed that guard now before the man disappeared and tore the sewer grate off and started climbing down the ladder. Fashioning a harness for Sophira, Elandrial starts to lower the wolf into the sewers but slips and loses her grip on the rope. The wolf lands fortunately on top of the little fey, completely covering him with her massive body. Underneath you hear “don’t worry lady I caught her” muffled under the wolf. Sophira quickly gets up and moves towards the water in the sewers and starts sniffing around again to pick up the trail. While Elandrial is climbing down the ladder a great tentacle arm comes out of the water and grapples the wolf.

Elandrial jumps down the last 12 feet in a panic to rescue her wolf. Tizeer however already casted a large FIREY BALL OF DOOM! And hurls it at the large tentacle that has the wolf grappled. 3 more huge arms come out of the water. Tizeer‘s FIREY BALL OF DOOM! cuts down the tentacle that held onto Sophira and quickly sends it to the next one while at the same time he throws balls of fire at another. Elandrial produces flames of her own and hurls them at the giant Octopus head that emerged from the water.

After some awesome tactic’s on the amazing Tizeer’s part, Elandrial and Tizeer decide to pick up the trail again after checking to make sure that Sophira wasn’t seriously injured through the struggle. About 200 feet from the sewer grate entrance they discover a secret door. Using a spell to open the door, Tizeer and Elandrial surprise 3 thugs inside. Beating two of them down to unconsciousness, the third one was badly wounded and scared out of his mind. Elandrial, absolutely disgusted at this point because she is filthy once again and in a sewer with her skirts soaked and disgusting with raw sewage on her dress said, “TELL ME NOW who you work for or I will feed you to my wolf” She flashed a dagger out from her belt and started to inch closer to the man in the same motions as her wolf was also slowly approaching him. “Alright alright! Please don’t kill me and don’t feed me to your dog! I work for the Back Ally Claw! It’s him ya want not me!”

Restraining the thugs Our mighty heroes Tizeer and Elandrial finish exploring the rest of the rooms in this secret door. Finding one room with lots of kegs, some were broken but there were a few that seemed to be full of what appeared to be brandy. They would come back for this later.

Soon they realized that they must be under the inn of the 7 bells. Above them they could hear what appeared to be a woman crying and wailing. Much like what was described earlier to them of the ghost of Mary Kell.

Our amazing heroes however did come across a room of red mist. It seemed like a mist of blood floating around the room. Tizeer with his amazing magical insight saw that it was stemming from a device in the center of the room. Once he deactivated it the mist started to disappear and our heroes found themselves in the lair of the ripper himself. He was dressed in what appeared to be a black robe but it was actually soaked in the blood of his victims. It was blood staining and drying and retaining his robes til they were black with the evil he did to all of the innocent people of this city. He had carved a star into his forehead and it appeared that his own flesh was starting to peel off his face.

Sophira jumped in and attacked the Ripper, tripping him to the ground. Each and every single time he tried to stand, Sohpira would drag him back down again. Tizeer let go of another FIREY BALL OF DOOM! Setting the ripper ablaze in pain and agony. The Ripper didn’t stand a chance with 2 people who had spent the past 4 months using their skills in battle to survive and quickly dispatched him.

Searching the lair for clues and loot it appears that this thing that they had slain was in fact the same person who committed all of the murders 50 years prior. He seems to have lived down here for decades and the sacrifices he has made must be the means that have kept him alive. Our heroes at this point are absolutely sick to their stomachs with the amount of carnage they find in this awful room and decide that the best route would be to have a priest come down and sanctify it.

A priest from Lathander comes down to help with sanctifying this horrific evil place. He introduces himself to the Lady Elandrial and Tizeer as Steve Esquire and greets them with fervent respect for smiting the evil that was here. He also tells them that if they ever had need of him to call on him and he would gladly come to their aid. Elandrial finds that to be a great idea since she would like to put the ghost of Mary Kell at peace and help her spirit move on. They tell the city guards that they lay claim the barrels of brandy and to please bring it up and to their apartments at the inn where they reside.

Steve Esquire is now the cohort of Elandrial


May 22 2011

While trying to figure out where they were, they came across the body of dwarf. The Heroic Elandrial uses her quick thinking and stabilizes the dwarf saving his life. They also find the dwarfs mule and some food, in which Tizeer excitedly makes a fire so they could warm themselves and so he could charcoal his food. When the dwarf comes to he tells the all mighty Tizeer that there is a shine of Chauntae a day or two’s journey north where all of us could possibly find some aid. The brave little Fey says “ hey no worries little guy, I’ll get ya there”

Once reaching the shrine the dwarf gave them 20 gold for their help and services and Tizeer and Elandrial, our mighty heroes, set off for the city of Wheloon. It was the closest place where they might be able to find aid. Elandrial at this point feels absolutely discusting, as she eyeballs her torn and ragged clothes, then looks at Tizeer and realizes that her clothes looks like what Tizeer might wear on a good day. Though she isn’t covered with soot and ashes from head to toe like her small friend she feels in desperate need of a new outfit and splits the gold with Tizeer so she could grab some food and clothing.

Finally choosing a higher end dress shop Elandrial walks in with an air of owning the place. “Ah now this, at least I know how to do!” Elandrial thinks to herself. Ordering a seamstress to measure her and fit her for a dress choosing 3 simple fabrics created quite a stir. The shop owner who was currently working with a young woman demands that she leaves at once! Elandrial raises her eyebrows ( and with a fantastic roll of diplomacy I might add) says “ Do you even know who I am?! I am the Lady Elandrial Evenstar Demandorad and I have been a prisoner for the past few months at a barbaric underground gladiator arena! I am wearing completely inappropriate ragged attire and I demand to be fitted at once!”

The noble girl in the store at this point could not keep her curiosity at bay and told the store clerk to not bother with the materials that Elandrial picked out, but instead told him to use a more expensive cloth and to put it on her bill. She then proceeded to chatter with Lady Elandrial and they quickly became close friends. The girl’s name was Crystal Rosehart, daughter of Lord and Lady Rosehart and they were prosperous Ivory traders as well as rare goods they imported and exported to other lands.

Tizeer decided to get some food and went to the local tavern. Obviously having such a creature as he, made quite a sensation. What brought an even greater sensation about was when he then proceeded to walk INTO the fire place and stoke up the flames. Sat down and grabbed a piece of wood from the fire and proceeded to eat it. The local bard who was there asked who he was and were he came from. Tizeer responded “Oh I am a fey and just escaped from a place where they force people to fight in gladiator arenas.” “This wood is really good!” The bard being floored wanted to of course here all about it and offered to buy Tizeer some drinks. He then asked if he could follow Tizeer and be introduced to the Lady Elandrial as he wished to write a song that could make him famous. So the Ballad of Tizeer the fearless and Elandrial the brave was born! The bard worked for 2 days straight and the song was finished. Within a week everyone was singing tales of the brave little fey and the fair beauty Elandrial.

Tizeer also wanted to find a local war mage to see if he could possibly learn something new with his abilities and found an potion maker that fit the build. Tizeer knocked and the man angrily said “What do you want” as he flung open the door. To his surprised amazement a Fey was at his door! Tizeer, being his usual charming self said “ Hey up there, mind if I come in?” The old man eagerly let in Tizeer because he had always felt Feys were extremely lucky creatures and excitedly asked him to come inside. The two became fast friends and Tizeer made a new friend by the name Nisnran.

Nisnran was more than happy to give some guidance to Tizeer about war mage spells and also told him that if he needed anything at all in the way of potions that he and his Lady friend would be able to purchase them from him at slightly above cost.

They stayed at the Lord and Lady Rosehart Estates while trying to organize a way for Elandrial to make it back to her family. While they were there, they received an invitation to a ball that happens every year in Wheloon. The Roseharts were kind and purchased a new dress for the Lady Elandrial and a fine suit for Tizeer. Tizeer didn’t keep his suit fine for very long however. He kept walking around at the ball stoking up fires and burning his coat tails.

Our two heroes were having a grand and noble time when all at once they hear the epic tale of the Mighty and brave Tizeer and the Beautiful and enchanting Elandrial. The king Sarp Redbeard enjoyed the tale so much and ask the bard how such a delightful tale came about. Upon hearing that the song was produced so recently and that they two brave heroes were actually at HIS PARTY he demanded to see them at once. He laughed heartily at Tizeer’s burned coat tails and told the Lady Elandrial that the song did not do her justice to her beauty. He listened to the chilling tale of how they were forced to compete in fighting pits and cheered their heroic escapes. He vowed that he would send out parties to search for the cave they described that had a river flowing out of it since that must be near where they were held prisoner.

(Gained 5 Reputation points in Wheloon)

Our heroes enjoyed themselves greatly in Wheloon but alas they could not stay. No, they had to journey towards Elandrial’s home and get her back to her parents who must be so worried about their daughter at this point. The King gave them a wagon and donated 2 kegs of wine and food for the trip towards Saerloon. They hoped that once they reached Saerloon our grand heroes would be able to catch a boat back to Cormyr which they could then travel and take the roads towards Impiltur.

Once they reached the docks they talked with the dock master and explained that they needed to find a ship to travel to Cormyr and asked what would be the best way in contacting the captains of the ships. The dock master suggested leaving a notice on the boards outside his door and that there should be news of a ship within a few weeks. He recommended an inn they could stay at and also suggested that they leave the name there as a place to contact them. The Dock master also said to not travel the city at night because there were strange things a happening and people were disappearing.

After settling in their rooms they head down to the main dining area of the in and order some meals and drinks. While there the local bard starts to sing the tale of “bloody Mary Kell”. A brutal tale of a prostitute who was the first of a long line of murders by a person called “The Ripper” and that the ghost of Mary Kell still haunts the 7 Bells inn and kills any who disturb her unrest. Some say that if you go there at night you can still hear her spirit crying and waling.

The chilling tale was intriguing to Elandrial and she inquired about it to the waitress when she came again to refill her drinks asking if it was true. The serving girl nodded her head and said “ Oh yes ma’am it sure is. My brother says that if you are near the old inn at twilight he says he saw a man in black robes walking around the old place. Never saws his face he did but swears he saw that man there” “I would have washed his mouth out with soap for lies had I not heard that before from strangers just passing through this place”

Justin Lake was released from the gladiator pits in exchange that he brings back Tizeer and Elandrial***

In the begining

May of 2011

Elandrial Evenstar Demandorad is the daughter of the Duke of Impilture. Her mother is a high elf from the island of Evermeet. Duke Demandorad met Lothwen and married her within a 2 week period and still worships the ground that she walks on. They were only blessed with one child Elandrial, who is their star and more precious possession. Elandrial showed that she was greatly in tune with nature when she was about 16 and bonded with a young wolf who became her constant companion and playmate. Elandrial named the wolf Sophira and spend many hours training and hunting with her new animal companion. Over time she showed some promise to be able to channel arcane magic as well. Once it became apparent to Elandrial parents that Elandrial could harness both the power of nature and the arcane they wanted to give her the best education possible.

The journey to the school that Duke Demandorad chose for his daughter was far away while he could not accompany his daughter on the journey he decided to hire special guards to protect his daughter while on the trip.

He had a lot of candidates but 2 stood out greatly. One was a small humanoid creature that appeared rather dusty and dirty. He was barefoot and when he walked into the Dukes office, saw a fire and walked inside the fire place to “stoke up” the flames” He came out of the fire place and sat down and introduced himself as Tizeer the fey. He showed remarkable skills as a mage and a fey is always considered lucky to have so the Duke signed him up right away.
Another person who was hired was a man named Justin Lake, he was a known whittler and made a lot of different carvings of animals but he also convinced the Duke that he was skilled in many other things as well. As to what he is skilled in is still a mystery.

Setting off on their journey to the school our adventurers had a weeks worth of uneventful travel. However they about to take a mountain pass when the carriage and wagons were attacked. All of the wagon drivers killed instantly with well shot arrows and soon they were surrounded by a very large group of lizard men. Tizeer fought bravely shooting off a firey ball of doom defeating 2 of them. Justin Lake climbed to the top of the carriage and shot off a few arrows before he was tackled to the ground. Our small hero Tizeer had a net thrown on him but he quickly started setting fire to it while controlling his firey ball of doom and sending it to yet another lizard man. Eventually he was tackled to the ground and knocked unconscious. The Lady Elandrial transformed herself into a wolf and tried to attack her foes with Sophira but both were eventually netted and caged.

Elandrial was separated from her wolf companion and beaten severely. Never in all her life was she ever treated so harshly. Her lips were cracked and bleeding and her dress torn and ragged. She had no idea if her beautiful wolf was alive or dead and she had no idea where her heroic ally Tizeer was at or if he survived the battle. She saw firsthand that Justin was hit over the head and tied up and so she assumed he was somewhere probably receiving the same treatment.

Her captors finally left her in a cell lying on the ground crying and unable to move after the beating she received. She laid there for hours or perhaps a day, there were no windows to tell the time. She noticed that there were people passing her cell. They were dressed in very worn clothing that looked patched, and while dirty, didn’t look as horrible as the state her current dress was in. A man escorted by 2 guards came to her cell and unlocked it. He explained to Elandrial that she had 2 choices. She could behave herself and be allowed better food rations, padding so she doesn’t have to sleep on the hard floor and possibly a blanket. She would be allowed out to practice and train in her skills as a fighter and would be allowed to see her animal companion. Misbehavior and she would not be allowed to leave her cell, she would not be allowed to eat for that day and she would not even be allowed to wear the rags that she was currently in possession of.

The next day Elandrial gathered a few small stones and cast a spell on them so they would explode when thrown. Smashing 2 inside the lock of her cell door she destroyed the key lock and ran out of her cell. The guards that were nearby were caught by surprise as our hero Elandrial stepped out and threw 2 stones at each of them. As she knocked one unconscious she tried to grab the dagger on his belt loop as more guards came into the room and attacked her. Throwing her into a new cell she was stripped naked and beaten more severely and given no food or water for that day. She cast a “create water spell. A few times and was able to drink the water that had spilled into her hands and onto the floor. She cleaned her wounds that she could see and tried her best to wash off her face. Many more beatings and days passed and Elandrial decided that she could take no more of it. She was only barely surviving due to her water spell and was lucky to catch one rat that happened to appear in her cell in 5 days. She was weak and slowly starving to death. The first day she got gruel was like having a feast and that was also the first time they allowed Tizeer to visit her.
Tizeer was a loyal guardian who was true to his word to serve the Lady Elandrial faithfully til she reached her destination to school. “Hey Lady, if you can play nice for a few more days they will let you walk around a bit and we can talk more” Tizeer whispers. So she nods her head and decides to plan breaking out later if she can find a safer route that will allow her to bring her wolf and friends to freedom with her.

2 days later however she was taken from her cell and brought to a room full of weapons and armor in dire need of repair. Her wolf was also thrown in there along with Justin Lake Tizeer and a few other random people. The guard told them to gear up and prepare for battle.
The first battle was bloody and Elandrial barely made it through due to her weakened condition from her daily beatings but they made it. A few men died but at least she was able to see Sophira again. The wolf was in bad shape. Obviously she was not being fed properly and her coat was caked with dry blood in several places. She looked thin and miserable. Elandrial begged every day to spare her wolf while she was in her cell. She was meek and obedient and the guards decided to allow her to visit her animal companion every day.

With the reward of being allowed to see Sophira every day, Elandrial played her cards even more by pretending that her spirit was broken. Justin and Tizeer introduced her to an older man by the name of Zytzen, who has been a prisoner in the gladiator games for 3 years. He looked worn and beaten but his eyes were sharp and determined. One look at the determination on Elandrial’s face the old man said “ you are not fooling me girlie, I know a broken spirit when I see one and you are not it.I have a plan to get out of here if you are interested.” Elandrial of course jumped at the chance and learned about the tunnel that the man was trying to dig out. With some new freedoms that they have been given for doing well in the games Elandrial made simple requests like a small table and chess board and went and visited with the man at every opportunity. She also smuggled a dagger into her skirts after one of the gladiator matches to use as a tool. They eventually tunneled down deep enough to discover a river underneath where they were imprisoned. Justin Lake said he wanted nothing to do with the escape plan. That they were surviving the games fairly well and that the river was too dangerous but Elandrial wanted nothing to do with being treated worse than a cage animal.

Tizeer and Elandrial were discussing how they would crafting something to stay afloat when the unthinkable happened. The man who was helping them escape was badly wounded in battle. Zytzen was allowed to go to his cell but the odds of him living through the night was not very likely and Elandrial didn’t have the components needed to perform a healing spell. It was now or never. Once the man died his body would be taken away and most likely the hole in his cell would be discovered. Elandrial told Tizeer she was going to “go for it” and jumped down into the hole. Tizeer followed route “Hey lady wait up” Sophira was also with Elandrial as she had gained the ability to keep her wolf with her during the days now. Jumping into the river they were nearly downed but eventually washed up outside of a cave, unconscious and having no idea where they were.

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